Persimmon Fruit How To Eat

    persimmon fruit

  • A persimmon is the edible fruit of a number of species of trees in the genus Diospyros in the ebony wood family (Ebenaceae). The word Diospyros means “the fruit of the gods” in ancient Greek. As a tree, it is a perennial plant.

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persimmon fruit how to eat

4.1 – Rule Of 3rds – Persimmons

4.1 - Rule Of 3rds - Persimmons
There are many persimmons in my grandmother’s garden. Therefore, my grandmother has sold delicious persimmons in her store. When I go grandmother’s house in Chuseok, I found the persimmons. We can’t see a persimmon tree in the city easily well but are easy to see a persimmon tree in the country. Therefore, I was glad to find a persimmon tree. It’s dropped persimmons from trees with a leaf. These persimmons don’t look delicious. However, size and a shape are very good! If the persimmons contiue to hang on the tree, it can look delicious. I’m so sad. However, I ate the persimmons as soon as I took a picure. It was not delicious as expected. By the way, I focused dropped persimmons because I want to emphasize it. How do you feel after you see this picuture? Do you see persimmons at a time? It’s my purpose!


No clue how it is properly spelled, but it was explained to me that it is similar to "caca" but with an ‘i’ at the end. This fruit was an incredible tasty sensation. The gellatenous darker portions near the bottom were very sweet and incredibly juicy (the skin was thin like a tomato’s). However, if you ventured near the top, you got a surprise – it tasted the same, but within a few moments your mouth felt like you had eaten a bunch of baking soda… exceptionally chalky. (I’ve since confirmed that it’s Persimmon)